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Pleasantly Wild is a Alternative/Funk/ Surf Pop group that was founded in 2020 by Vocalist/ Guitarist Derrick Pace. Originating out of Asheville, NC the band has crafted a tight and vibrant sound, they can call their own. Through catchy melodies, dancing grooves, and vintage basslines, listeners can enjoy a tasteful blend of reggae, funk, jazz, and pop. On December 9, 2022, the group released their first full length album titled Golden. Following the release, the band consecutively charted 3 songs including Some Type of Way, Champagne, and Outta Control on Asheville’s Buzz Radio top 20 most requested songs. The group is comprised of Derrick Pace (Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Jim Arroway (Bass), and Michael Fasano (Drums/ Percussion). The band is currently performing across the south east, while writing their second full length album. 

Pleasantly Wild 

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